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Hotel Booking System:
Language plugin update

by Daria Kerancheva /  Updates & Releases

We have just rolled out an update to the language plugin of our PHP hotel booking script. Let’s review all new functionalities which will enhance your user experience and enable you to make some fine-tunings to your language settings.


  • Default language and order

The script admins of our Hotel Booking System can now more easily set the default language and order all languages the way they want. They can (re)arrange languages either using the “up and down” arrows, or by dragging & dropping them. You are free to add, delete and reorder languages anytime.

  • Flags management

Change language flags according to the selected country, not the language homeland. For example, if you select English (Australia), the flag will be Australian, not British. Likewise, if you select Spanish (Dominican Republic), the flag will be Dominican, not Spanish. Languages that are spoken in multiple countries (such as English, German, Spanish etc.) can be displayed on the front-end without a flag icon. In this case, you have to select the first (blank) option for the respective language. You can also upload a custom-made flag image.

Language menu flag management options


  • Titles in the native language

The language bar contains a country flag and a two-symbol abbreviation of the respective country. Language titles in the drop-down menu appear in their original writing and can be easily edited from the back-end. Thus, visitors can spot their mother tongue quickly and feel more comfortable using your website.

Native language dropdown menu options

Note: The language plugin update will be implemented in all other PHPJabbers scripts by the release of their next versions.

If you need any advice or technical assistance, please turn to our Customer Support team. Thank you for keeping in touch!


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