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Case Study: Build an Entire Vacation Rental Website With PHPjabbers.com

by Desi Angelova /  Updates & Releases

PHPjabbers scripts are designed and developed as small web applications with straightforward functionality to help you manage certain aspects of a website. Our website tools are usually used by web designers and programmers to add an extra functionality to websites and software.


Recently, we stumbled upon a website of one of our clients, Matt, who built his entire website using PHPjabbers products. We liked the idea of creating a buildable and original content management system using our PHP scripts and decided to showcase his website.


Matt is the CEO of PoconoHouseRentals, a new vacation house listing website for Pocono Mountains region in Pennsylvania. His website provides great features if you are looking to rent a vacation house for a weekend or longer in Poconos region. For creating his simple but feature-rich vacation rental website, Matt has used several PHPjabbers scripts, combining them into a powerful content management system. 


vacation rental software


A custom-branded version of Vacation Rental Script is used on the website to add the listing functionality. The Vacation Rental Script is a simple yet powerful web based vacation rental software that makes it easy for anyone to manage a holiday rental listing website. You have control over the property listing content, titles, property submissions, users, guest reservations, languages and more.

Try Vacation Rental Script DEMO




Blogging is a great way to create a user-engaging and SEO-friendly content on your website and promote your business and service. That's why we give a standing ovation to Matt's decision to have the STIVA Blog on his website as well. With STIVA Blog you can have a blog integrated into your website with just a few clicks, manage content and blog posts, have star ratings and post comment feature.



newsletter script


Another script used on PoconoHouseRentals website is the Newsletter Subscription. The newsletter script is the simplest and most affordable way to send targeted email marketing campaigns to users, increase subscribers base and manage multiple mailing lists. Sending targeted email campaigns is the best way to promote your products and services to people who are generally interested in your services.

See the Newsletter Subscription DEMO


contact form builder


Last but not least, Matt has also used our Contact Form Generator to built a custom contact form for his website. No website can go without  having a way for users to get in touch with you. The script allows you to create any web form, embed it onto your website and encourage visitors to contact you, send feedback, files or book dates. The script is very easy to install and work with. See a live DEMO.


Quotation mark


“Thanks PHPjabbers.com for all your scripts! PoconoHouseRentals.com is currently running 4 of your scripts. We fell in love with the simplicity of your scripts, the installation is a snap and the management portion is even easier. Clean, easy to use backend tools is what we looked for and found it with you. Thanks for all and continue great work!”

                 - Matt, CEO PoconoHouseRentals.com 


After the release of One AdmiN feature supported by PHPjabbers Generation 4 products it's very easy to use multiple of our scripts with one single login and make use of them as a buildable and multifunctional web management system. 

See all products that support the One AdmiN feature...


Watch the video above to see how our scripts can help you create a clean and functional website at a very affordable price.


Interested more on how others are using our products? See how our clients are using STIVA Appointment Schedulers as a massage booking software...

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2 Comments to "Case Study: Build an Entire Vacation Rental Website With PHPjabbers.com "


Milly / March 1, 2017 at 04:58 am

Can you do a case study on SerpClix? I used it to move up 5 spots to #8, but it won't move it further. Can you test it, or link me to a study where you have tested it?


Annette / July 1, 2014 at 00:08 am

Enjoying your blog posts. Thanks.

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