Yacht Listing Script

PHP/MySql based yacht and boat classifieds script for everyone who wants to list, sell or rent yachts and boats.

Yacht Listing Script is a simple PHP classifieds script suitable for boat classifieds websites and for anyone who has yachts for sale or rent. Our yacht classifieds script can be customized and modified. With a Developer Licence you receive an unencrypted version of the software and you can make your own custom changes to the boat script.

Yacht Listing Script, Boat Classifieds Script
Classified Ads Management Boat Script

Classified Ads Management

Integrate yacht listing script into a website and manage yacht and boat classifieds online. A simple and easy to use PHP classifieds script solution.
Yacht Script with User Access Levels

User Access Levels

There are two groups with different level access to the yacht script back-end. Administrators can assign roles and grant different access level to users.
CSS Styled Yacht Listing Script

CSS Styled

Using an external CSS files web developers and designers can easily change the look of the yacht listing pages to blend with the rest of the website pages.
Yacht Listing Script with Full Source Codes Available

Developer Licence

With a Developer Licence you receive the PHP Source Code for the script. You are free to customize it as you wish and remove all StivaSoft references. View all features...
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