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What do I need to use the vacation rental software?
To use the latest version of Vacation Rental Script your hosting account must support PHP v.5.1 or greater and MySQL v.5.1 or greater.

If you are not sure whether your account supports these or not, contact us and we will verify this for you.
What is the difference between a Developer and a User licence?
With a Developer licence:

- you receive the PHP source code of the Vacation Rental Script.
- you can make your own changes to both design layout and software features. MVC model is used for the PHP which makes our products easily editable (read more).
- you may remove the original StivaSoft copyright notice.
- you may also insert your company or personal notes into the software such as "Managed by YourCompany" or "Powered by YourCompany".
- you can have up to five single installations which are not limited to the number of websites or hosting accounts.

With a User Licence:

- you are not allowed to modify the code.
- you can have a single installation only.

For more information about our licensing policy please refer to our Licence Agreement or Licence Explained pages.
If I buy a User licence can I upgrade it to a Developer licence later?
Yes, you can do this at any time. You will only pay the difference between the User and Developer licences.

Please contact us and we will send you order page URL where you can upgrade the vacation rental software.
I cannot install the Vacation Rental Script, can you please help me?
Yes, we offer free installation support for our property rental software.

You may also want to check the Installation help page where you can find answers to common installation problems.
I am a webmaster and I want to use the Vacation Rental Script on a website that I am building for client. Am I allowed to do this?
Yes, you are. You can use our software on your client’s website both under User and Developer licence but with a Developer Licence you can modify the software source code and also insert your company or personal notes such as "Managed by YourCompany" or "Powered by YourCompany".

For more information about our licensing policy please refer to our Licence Agreement or Licence Explained pages.
I need some new features added. Do you make custom changes to the vacation rental software?
Yes, we can make almost any custom change to the vacation rental software.

If you need a custom change do not hesitate to contact us. Please also check our Custom Projects FAQ page.
When will I receive the rental software?
Immediately after payment. Please make sure to return to our website after paying. You will receive an email message with login details for your personal account where the Vacation Rental Script can be downloaded. If you do not receive the message please check your SPAM box first and then contact us.

Our fraud protection system may put your order on hold if for example your paypal address is unverified or it is not like the email address used for the Vacation Rental Script purchase. During our opening hours we will approve your order within minutes.
Do you offer a refund?
For a refund policy information please refer to our general Pre-Sale questions section and our Terms and Conditions.

You may also find useful information on Happy Clients page.