Ticket Booking Script


Ticket Booking Script is a PHP/MySQL reservation system that can be used on any web site selling tickets for events or offering other ticket services. Our ticket reservation system is a flexible and customizable online reservation software.

Want to request modification to Ticket Booking Script? Please contact our Support Team and describe the script modification you need.

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Sell Tickets Online via our Ticket Booking Software

Sell Tickets Online

Integrate an online ticket booking software into your website and start selling event tickets online. Simple online booking process with major payment gateways integrated. Having ticket booking system on your website will make it easier for your visitors to buy event tickets, reserve seats and pay for them online.
Ticket Reservation Software Event Manager

Event Manager

You can manage an unlimited number of events, maps, layouts of the hall, cinema or screening location and turn our ticket reservation software into an online movie ticket booking system, theater ticket booking system, concert and other event ticket reservation system for your website.
Ticket Booking System Payment Module

Payment Module

Built-in payment module allows you to easily process transactions online using PayPal, Authorize.net, Worldpay or collect credit card details for offline payment processing. Through the administration page you can set different prices for different groups of people, deposit percentage required for booking and tax rate.
Need to use another payment gateway? We can add it for you. See details.
Ticket Reservation System Smart Calculations

Smart Calculations

You can set deposit percentage required for booking and tax rate. If you do so the total amount and deposit payment are calculated automatically when users proceed with payment. All prices and taxes can be managed easily through the Ticket Booking administration page.
Ticket Booking Script Advanced JavaScript Coding

Advanced JavaScript Coding

AJAX function is used to refresh the Ticket Booking Script without reloading the entire web page, so content loads a lot faster. AJAX booking form and text input JavaScript validation before sending off the data to a server.
Ticket Booking System User Friendly Administration Panel

User Friendly Administration Panel

The booking system has a back-end panel with simple and intuitive interface which allows administrators to change booking settings, manage reservations, add events, upload graphic maps and give almost full control over the appearance and the booking engine. Developed specially to be used by people with no programming knowledge
Ticket Reservation Script with Reservation Module

Reservation Module

Simple online booking process allows ticket purchase with a few clicks. Administrators can manage bookings and availability through the back-end page. Our ticket reservation script allows editing buyer details, changing the booking status or add booking manually.
Ticket Reservation Software Editable Booking Options

Editable Booking Options

Administrators can modify default booking settings, such as currency, default booking status, prices, set a custom 'thank you' page after booking or disable payments. Through the back-end page of our ticket reservation software you can also choose which form fields to enable in the booking form.
Ticket Booking System Appearance and Language

Appearance & Language

Through the administration page you can control how the ticket booking system looks on your website. You have the options to set number of events per page, change the date and time format, container size, all colors and fonts. You can translate the calendar simply by editing an external language file.
Online Ticket System with Active Selections on Graphic Map

Active Selections on Graphic Map

Use the administration page of our online ticket system to upload a graphic seat map as JPG image. Then you can create small hotspots over your map for each available seat. People will be able to click on these seats and book them.
Ticket Reservation Software w/t Sector Tickets

Sector Tickets

Use our ticket reservation software to mark off sectors and seating area in the auditorium, such as stalls or arena, balconies or stage boxes and set different ticket prices for those areas.
Onlinte Ticket Booking System w/t PDF Ticket Generation

PDF Ticket Generation

Upload ticket template via the Ticket Booking back-end and your your bookers will be able to print paper tickets after purchasing.
Ticket Reservation System Automatic Confirmations
Automatic Confirmation
Use the administration page to send automatic email messages to your bookers. Tokens are available so that you can individualize message body text and subject. In addition, we can add an extra SMS notification function to your ticket reservation system. See more about our SMS plans and services..
Ticket Booking Script Easy Installation
Easy Installation
An installation wizard will automatically install the Ticket Booking Script for you. All you have to do is upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is or contact us to request FREE installation...
Ticket Booking Script Developer License
Developer Friendly License
If you are a web developer you probably may want to modify the Ticket Booking Script yourself. With the Developer License you receive access to the script source code and a guide for our framework. Read more about our framework. We can do all kind of custom modifications to our PHP scripts.