Free PHP Scripts

Download any of the free php scripts listed below with the full PHP Source Codes included. We appreciate if you post your comments about the scripts or suggest a PHP script for inclusion in our library.

Timeline Script

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Use our FREE Timeline Script to add an yearly timeline on your website.

648 downloads / 5 comments

Team Page Script

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Add a fancy Meet the Team widget on your website and show your members' contact information.

359 downloads / 6 comments

Subscription Form

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Add a subscription form on your website and collect users' names and email addresses.

2307 downloads / 17 comments

Sliding Contact Form

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Free Sliding Contact Form Script that allows you to add a contact form on your website.

2154 downloads / 19 comments

Simple PHP User Login Script

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Simple and easy PHP Login Script to protect your website content.

4894 downloads / 42 comments

Under Construction Template

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Free under construction template with a nice countdown timer and sign up form.

1905 downloads / 18 comments

Car Classifieds

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

A simple vehicle/car classifieds script designed to provide your car listing website with a fancy flip card effect.

2415 downloads / 23 comments

Hotel Reservation Form

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Embed a simple reservation form into your website to start collecting bookings online.

7830 downloads / 99 comments

jQuery Page Scrolling

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Ready-to-use standalone jQuery plugin for building fancy one page scrolling websites!

886 downloads / 12 comments

jQuery Infinite Scroll

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

jQuery infinite scrolling plugin to add an endless Facebook style pagination to your website.

1500 downloads / 17 comments

jQuery Scroll To Top

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Add a Scroll to top functionality to your website in two easy steps.

1498 downloads / 15 comments

GuestBook Script

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Add a simple and easy to use GuestBook script on your web pages in seconds.

7277 downloads / 103 comments

Free Availability Calendar

Version: 2.0 Price: FREE

Free Availability Calendar script which shows booked dates in different color.

9098 downloads / 103 comments

Banner and Link Click Counter

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

Count how many times each link or banner on your website is clicked.

3890 downloads / 62 comments

MySQL Table Search

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

A simple PHP script which reads MySQL data table and lets you search and filter the results.

17500 downloads / 167 comments

Event Calendar

Version: 1.0 Price: FREE

A small calendar which reads events from MySQL table. You can click on a date and see the events for each date.

6885 downloads / 115 comments