Event Booking Calendar


Event Booking Calendar is a web based software that allows you to set up your own online event registration system on your website and have your users sign-up for events, classes, trainings, conferences online. Try the Demo script to see all available features.

Do you want to request modification to the Event Booking Calendar? Please contact our Support Team and describe the custom script modifications you need.

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Event Management System

Create as many events as you need

With Event Booking Calendar you can create an unlimited number of events and organize them in categories. Set up all kinds of events: concerts, workshop, trainings, seminars, and more. You can integrate each event registration form individually through a separate integration code.
Tickets & Pricing Module

Tickets and prices

Create as many different types of tickets as you need and set different prices for tickets, add a tax percentage and specify currency. With our event booking software you can upload ticket templates and generate PDF tickets.
Event Booking Calendar Online Payments

Collect payments

Process transactions with your preferred method of payment. Event Booking Calendar is integrated with PayPal and Authorize.Net to help you process online payments. The booking system also collects credit card details for offline processing and will show bank account details to your clients.
Need to use another payment gateway? We can add it for you. See details.
Customizable Event Registration System

Customize as you wish

A number of options are available with Event Booking Calendar to help you configure your own event registration system and collect the data you need. Each option is simply laid out in the admin and no programing skills are required to customize the event booking script.

Two calendar layouts

Two layouts, multiple views

Two layouts are available with Event Booking Calendar. Go to Install & Preview page in the admin panel to select one of the available layouts and to allow multiple front-end views.
Organize Events In Categories

Event categories

With the event booking system you can organize events in categories to make it easy for website visitors to find events they would like to attend.
Recurring Events Option

Recurring events

Create repeating events and let the event booking script handle online registrations and time - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly recurring events, or custom repeating events.
Customizable Event Registration Form

Customize the registration form

Collect user details with custom booking form. With our event booking software using simple drop-down menus you can customize the booking form with the fields you only need.
Customizable Event Booking Terms

Add custom terms

Add your own booking terms to the registration form. The event booking script will not allow applicants to continue with registration unless they agree with your booking terms.
Multiple Currencies Feature

Set currency

Event Booking Calendar supports multiple currencies to make it the perfect event registration system to use on any website. Set default currency by going to the Options page and then on the Booking tab set the currency you'd like to use.
Translate Your Event Registration System

Translate your event registration system

A language editor allows you to translate your event registration system and make it available in any language. Translate the event booking system by going to the Options page and then on the Language tab edit all back-end, front-end, and system messages.
Barcode Reader

Barcode reader

You can validate tickets via the Barcode Reader by going to the Bookings page. Under the Barcode tab use your bar code scanner to insert the barcode ID (you will find it on the ticket) and check if the ticket is valid.
Easy Admin Panel
Easy admin
The intuitive admin panel provides you with an easy way to apply setting and options. Bulk actions, quick status change and entries rename. The event booking system has built in intuitive filters and controls, advanced search, and quick editing options.
Email Notifications
Instant notifications
Event Booking Calendar delivers custom individualized email notifications for all the bookings and transactions processed by your event registration form. Compose a custom notification email for each event using the available tokens - the event booking system will take care for the rest.
Database Backup
Back up
Log in as an administrator to backup your database and files. Download the backup with a single click.
Event Booking System Access Control
Employees limited access
With Event Booking Calendar users with administrator permissions can create an unlimited number of editors who have limited access to the event booking system. Editors can only see and use certain features of the booking system and are not able to change main settings and options.
Event Registration System Installation
Easy installation
An installation wizard will automatically install the Event Booking Calendar for you. All you have to do is upload the files onto your hosting account and the wizard will start. Check out our knowledge base to see how easy the setup process is or contact us to request FREE installation...
Event Registration System Integration
Simple integration
To integrate the online event registration system into your website, just copy the JavaScript code generated in the Install page and paste it on your web page body. You can also integrate each event registration form individually through a separate integration code.
high performing web application
High-speed and performance
The PHPjabbers framework is specially developed for high rate performance and works great even with heavy databases. Watch a video demonstration of one of our scripts having one million listings added and eight million records in the database.
Single login for multiple PHP scripts
One admiN
Using the One AdmiN feature you can set up a single login screen for multiple PHPjabbers' scripts. Once enabled, you can use a drop-down menu to switch between the script admins. Read more about One admiN.
PHP Source Code
Developer Friendly License
If you are a web developer you can modify the Event Booking Calendar yourself. You will receive access to script source code and a guide for our framework. Read more about our framework. We can do all kind of custom modifications to our PHP scripts.