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15 Apr Introducing The One AdmiN Feature. Are you using multiple PHPjabbers' scripts?! Now you can enable One admiN feature and easily switch between script admins. Read more about One admiN.
02 Apr Event Booking Calendar 3.1 Released! After the latest major release 3.0. of the Event Booking Calendar, this is the first minor release in this series. Changes include improved user interface and a new front-end layout. Download the latest upgrade for free if you have the previous 3.0. or upgarde with 50% if you have other versions.
06 Mar Time Slots Booking Calendar - New Major Version! Set up an online appointment calendar. Let users book appointments with a hairdresser, therapist, individual trainer, or scheduled group classes. Awesome new features...
  • Appointment Scheduler

    Online scheduling software suitable for hair salons, beauty studios, tennis courts, massage centers, fitness clubs, dog walking websites, babysitter booking agencies and any business where online service scheduling and appointment management is required..

    appointment scheduler
  • Hotel Booking System

    A 24/7 open front desk that encourages visitors to book now rather than later! Multilingual mobile optimized hotel reservation system that blends perfectly into any website. Highly customizable and compatible! 2 licensing options...

    hotel booking system
  • PHP Poll Script

    Get an instant feedback from your customers! Use the PHP Web Poll to create multiple-choice polling questions, schedule polls, limit votes and customize poll appearance. Embedding polls into your website is really simple....

    PHP poll script
  • Contact Form Generator

    The easiest contact form builder! With the Contact Form Generator you can create any web and email form using a simple visual editor, drag & drop functionality, style editor to change background color, font family and size...

    contact form script
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